Warrior in a Can: Let Him Out

The can is cool again for beer, wine is showing flashes of acceptance in aluminum containers, and now it’s saké’s turn to be enjoyed from a metal cylinder.

In Japan, “cup” saké is popular as a single serving of the wine made from polished wine. Vine Connections, an importer in Sausalito, Calif., now brings Bushido “Way of the Warrior” ginjo genshu saké to the US in a 6-ounce can, and its attributes are many:

Affordable ($6 for 6 ounces). Convenient. Portable. Plastic lid for resealing. Deliciously smooth, with lychee, pear, lime, cherry liqueur and coconut notes and a pleasant grassy finish. It’s a good thing the serving size is small, as this saké – at a typical 18% alcohol content – is all too easy to drink and packs a punch. Be sure to serve it chilled.

Bushida, named for a samurai warrior code, is made at the Kizakura Shuzo brewery in Kyoto, Japan. Bushida’s 2017 release in the US is well-timed: According to the USDA, Japanese saké imports to the US are experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%, as of April 2017. Canned wine sales are up 125% in the States, according to Nielsen date.

Perhaps Bushida’s finest attribute is that it gives uninitiated consumers the opportunity to try saké at a price they can afford.

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